We build web and native apps

Hello, Byteflip is a young web agency helping startups with development and design. We can translate your idea into a successful web product, all the way from concept to completion.

We’re different to most web agencies, because we use both sides of the brain. Byteflip offers technical wizardry and creative thinking – that’s a rare combination.

If you can imagine it, we can build it. We’re agile coders who aren’t afraid to venture off the beaten path to get the results you need.

Byteflip is run by proud geeks from Hamburg who love nothing more than solving complex problems and building better tools for the web.

We've got the skills

The Byteflip recipe? One part coding genius, one part inspired design. The stuff we build looks good and works well. Behind every sleek interface lies a powerful code engine using the latest web technologies.


We do responsive design for desktop, tablet and mobile. Our interfaces combine modern style with commonsense usability.


Our core strength are Elixir, Ruby and Swift. We develop both Web and native applications. We’re also experts in Docker, MySQL, Postgres, Vue.js, payment systems, full text search, and large data processing.

We've got the experience


“Wer liefert was” is the leading B2B marketplace in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and a product brand of Visable. Visable offers companies products that tailored specifically to their needs, such as their own B2B marketplaces and online marketing services.

Our tasks: Maintain and develop search ranking algorythms for better experience when using search on the platform. Launched and evaluated AB tests to compare the improvements. Developed and launched a new web application in Elixir for the internal Sales team to perform customer acquisition and upsell more effectively.


XING is the leading online business network with 14 million members in German-speaking countries. Workers from every industry use XING to connect with one another, to look for jobs, new hires, projects, cooperation partners, expert advice and business ideas.

Our tasks: Migration of legacy Perl payment system to Ruby on Rails. Development of new payment features for XING platform and integration with other XING services.


Avocado Store is the biggest online marketplace in Germany for Eco-Fashion and Green Lifestyle products.

Our tasks: Ruby on Rails web application development, full-text search with Elastic Search.


9flats is a peer-to-peer property rental company for private accommodations. Travelers book to stay in other people’s residences and property owners rent out their private accommodations.

Our tasks: Product design and development, set up of technical departments, team building and team leadership, long-term support.

We've got the team


His real name is Jaroslav, but round here we call him Mr. Database. In a former life he was a senior developer at Qype and CTO of 9flats. His "mad database skillz" include elasticsearch, big data sets and performance optimization. Jaroslav enjoys playing football with his young son and riding his mountain bike crazy fast down steep hills.

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